Wednesday, May 2, 2012

mOck LP available, listening party

The mOck LP is now available for purchase in both physical and digital formats from our Bandcamp!

So far, the LP has been receiving some glowing reviews and coverage:
"mOck is an album of uncompromising creativity and rigorous artistic integrity, but it’s also a very listenable and appealing slab of contemporary rock music." - Oliver Aditi
"mOck is one of those good, old-fashioned awesomely impressive debut works. It balances math and post-rock superbly and has that sheen, fresh, new car smell. For a year that has been pretty barren as far as noteworthy music is involved, these guys have proved otherwise, which is why they have earned a nomination for album of the year." - 402 Productions
"This is a most accomplished debut album and very much worth checking out." - Collective Zine
Also, check out this interview with Conrad, mOck's drummer, recently featured in CMJ.

To celebrate the release of the record, we are hosting a vinyl celebration / LP listening party featuring DJ Gregorious and Borne, DJs hailing from northern New Jersey who will be spinning tracks from their personal record collections, as well as select cuts from the mOck LP.
The celebration will be taking place on Thursday, May 17 @ The Lamp Post in Jersey City. The event is free and will be starting at 10 PM. The Lamp Post is located at 382 2nd St., near the Grove Street PATH station.

I'd also like to take a moment to announce that the next release from i love to hate records, which will be coming up some time this summer, is a full-length CD titled "Layers" from the band, Secret Photos. Secret Photos features ex-members of New Jersey hardcore and indie bands such as Purpose, Risk Relay, and Rosario Focus. Check out a music video for a track called "Priveleged," featured on one of their previous releases.

That's all for now - enjoy your may flowers if they're not hesitating to bloom.

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