Sunday, October 30, 2011

Return of the Rat

Being well aware that not the entire planet subscribes to the social network known as "Facebook," we want to be able to make news regarding our label known to other members of the internet community who might need another means of access. That beings said, we will be sure to communicate much of the news related to I Love To Hate Records on our blog again, here, as well.

That being said, it has been about one year since we released the "Friends With Benefits" compilation CD and still have a few copies lingering around. Featuring tracks by 18 artists from NJ to NYC, from Seattle to Berlin, this CD and other items in our back catalog (such as records by Rapid Cities and mOck) are now available at super cheap prices! Head to the I Love To Hate Records Big Cartel store to order online.

In other news, it looks like there may be some other new releases in the works for early 2012. There is some great stuff our friends are making that needs to be documented for future civilizations before the Mayan Armageddon claims us!

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