Saturday, May 23, 2009

LH01 - IN RIBBONS s/t 7"

Track list: Mr. A & Mrs. B, To Feel (Again)
MP3 Coupon Included
Released in 2008

Proceeds go to benefit Home Alive, a Seattle based anti-violence, non-profit organization.


"...In Ribbons pairs rich, chorused acoustic sounds with a shrill and wavering voice... John Cole, the man behind In Ribbons, manages to squeeze little spots of brilliance out of cliches." - The Aquarian (click to read full review)

"Side A features the track ‘Mr. A and Mrs. B’, which starts off with a buzzing acoustic strum... [and] packs the same quirkiness that makes wavering singers like Conor Oberst so popular... extremely catchy... we found ourselves humming it in the days after first listening to the record." - Reviewsic (click to read full review and interview with In Ribbons)

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